Infographics employed Only every tenth Ukrainian is on his own – poll

40% of our countrymen do not work at all


The majority of employed Ukrainians (88%) are hired workers. Only 12% work for themselves (entrepreneurs working in the family business, etc.).

60% of respondents said that they are working, 40% not. Among those working, a third (32%) retirees, and 27 per cent are engaged in housework and caring for children, 13% – study, 21% were unemployed but looking for work, 6% unemployed and not looking for work.

Worked predominantly in the East of Ukraine (67%), somewhat less – in the West (57%). The higher the education of respondents, the more of them working.

The vast majority (89%) of respondents work full time, 11% part time. Work in shifts of 30% of the respondents, 70% are not working in shifts. 22% working at night, 78% do not work at night.

Almost half of the respondents (47%), who have jobs, the remuneration depends on their own efforts and performance, almost the same number (46%) – independent, undecided 7%.

12% of respondents have additional employment as a main job, 88% – are not. 17% of the respondents are subordinate to other employees, while 83% do not have subordinates.

39% of working overtime, of which nearly two-thirds (62%) extra pay, and 38% without it.

More than half (52%) of respondents believe that they have reached a balance between work and personal life, 37% not enough time for personal life, 4% – insufficient time for professional development, with 7% undecided.

The study “Assessment of” conditions of employment of Ukrainians” was held from 1 until 10 December 2016. Audience: working population (men: 18-65, women 18-60 years). The sample of 1,580 respondents. The error of representativeness: not more than 2.5%.