Onishchenko claims that he was granted political asylum in April

The fugitive claims that it is not about the UK


People’s Deputy Oleksandr Onishchenko, who is a suspect in the organization of corruption schemes for the resale of gas and disappears from the Ukrainian justice abroad, claims that he was granted political asylum 4 April.

He reported about it “Ukrainian truth”.

“4 April, gave me refuge,” he said.

On the question of what kind of country is it, said he didn’t want to call it.

In this case, Onishchenko said that it is not the UK.

Recall, July 5, 2016 the Verkhovna Rada gave its consent to criminal prosecution, detention and arrest of the Deputy Onishchenko. At the time of voting the Deputy already fled abroad.

Now the fugitive is in a national search. Interpol refused to declare Onishchenko on the international wanted list.

On 15 October the head of SAP Nazar Golodnitsky said that the Prosecutor’s office asked the court for permission for trials in absentia trial against Onishchenko.

Onishchenko believes that the procedure of conviction against him impossible.