Confrontation in Asoleada of the reasons for the escalation of the destruction of the bridge Kerch – German scientistPhoto: Navy APU

Ukrainian ships provoked to return fire with a purpose

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German political scientist Andreas Umland hypothesized why the escalation of the conflict happened today, and it is in the vicinity of the Kerch bridge. About this he wrote on Twitter.

A hypothesis for the #AzovSea escalation is that recent news about cracks in #KerchBridge were serious. Increasing military tensions around the bridge may be designed to provide an explanation for an otherwise embarrassing – a malfunction of the bridge

— Andreas Umland (@UmlandAndreas) November 25, 2018

According to the analyst, this can only mean one thing: the rumors about cracks in bridge construction real. And military action within easy walk could be planned in order then an alternative way to explain its destruction.

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Because otherwise you will have to explain why the bridge is in disrepair.

We will remind, as a result of Russian attacks on Ukrainian ships injured six sailors. Two in serious condition.