The Internet is once again made fun of the paid mourner working for the Kremlin propaganda.

In the Network surfaced with photos all famous women that appeared on Russian TV as “refugees” from Syria and Donbass, Crimean “of an officer’s wife,” etc. Users already dubbed her “aunt crucified boy” by analogy with Galina Pyshnyak, another famous mourner for the TV channel “Russia” reports “Диалог.UA”.

On comic collage this woman was in a yellow vest of the French protesters. The picture was signed: “Hello, I’m a Parisian mother,” and in Russian and French.

“Look, another aunt of the crucified boy”, comment the users of the Network.

Earlier, the same woman became the heroine and other photojob.

By the way, France launched an investigation into the involvement of Russia to protest the “yellow jackets.” Amid large-scale protests in France have intensified the Pro-Kremlin social media accounts.

As previously reported, in the Network offer options of a monument to “the crucified boy” in Slavic, including a wreath of bullfinches.

Previously derided new fake from the Kremlin propagandist Solovyov about the “Right sector” allegedly seized the crematorium.