ODESSA-KIEV. April 6. UNN. In connection with the events dedicated to the 74th anniversary of liberation of Odessa during the Second world war, April 10 in the regional center will be enhanced patrolling of the streets and places of a mass congestion of citizens. About it the correspondent of UNN reported in the Department of communications, GU NP in the Odessa region.

The main tasks of law enforcement – to prevent provocations and to ensure the safety of citizens. To ensure public order and timely respond to changes in the operational environment in Odessa on this day will involve more than 1500 law enforcement officers, among them – more than 300 soldiers of the National guard of Ukraine. On-site public events will run filtration crossings. The entrance to the venue will be exclusively through them. To these points for the safety of citizens may be used metal detectors.

“The situation in the city is controlled and stable. The police have enough forces and means to prevent provocations!” – the chief of GU NP in the Odessa region police General of the third rank Dmitry Golovin.

Also in areas of mass events will be partially restricted movement of vehicles, so drivers are advised not to leave it in inappropriate places and cars to plan their routes around the city.

In addition, the police remind that according to article 436-1 of the law of Ukraine “About the condemnation of the Communist and national socialist (Nazi) totalitarian regimes in Ukraine and the prohibition of propaganda of their symbols” banned the manufacture, distribution, and public use of symbols of the Communist national socialist totalitarian regimes, including in the form of Souvenirs, and public performance of anthems of the Union and Autonomous Soviet republics or their fragments on the territory of Ukraine, except the cases foreseen by the law. These actions shall be punishable by restriction of liberty for a term up to five years or imprisonment for the same term with confiscation of property or without it.

In places of mass events, the police will work in groups of preventive communication, or the so-called police of the dialogue. They did not use any measures of compulsion such as force, special means or weapons. Their task is the interaction of the police with the population, as well as the prevention of any conflict situations during mass events.

Recall, April 1, in Odessa there was held the traditional celebration “Humorina”.