Photos, videos on-site press conference. As Yuriy Lutsenko and Arsen Avakov induced in Odessa rustle

Today in Odessa a landing of the leaders of the Prosecutor General, interior Ministry, national police and the Deputy head of the SBU. Can law enforcement authorities to boast of the successes in the fight against attacks on activists and how the Ukrainians reacted to controversial statements by Yuriy Lutsenko, hot on the trail understood the Focus

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A field session of coordination Council of law enforcement leaders, which was attended by Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko, Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov, head of the national police Sergey Knyazev, Deputy head of the SBU Paul Demchina and Governor of the Odesa oblast Maksim Stepanov, was held in semi-closed mode. At least, not all local journalists about the meeting knew, and when I found out I couldn’t break in. Can we assume that therefore, the attorney General, arrived on the scene, social tension, tried from this tension, confined, hard to say. Some local activists thought that the way Yuri Lutsenko avoids awkward questions, the official promised to investigate the reasons of non-admission of journalists said, responding to a question from the audience that “the press he was not picked up”.

Stripping media

Not choosing, however, closely watching her and all the records. Especially if we are talking about the manifestations of separatism and anti-state statements.

Announcing the cleaning media, the attorney-General as an example, mentioned a lady, in which the channel 112 “long prophesied” that the Ukrainian ships had no right “to enter Russian territorial waters of the Crimea.” Now against it criminal case is brought. “And the lady will answer”, — said Lutsenko. Thus, according to him, anti-state manifestations of many regional media Odessa region.

“It’s a free country and you can criticize anyone, but all who would encroach on the territorial integrity, or to call for the overthrow of the ruling regime, will feel the force of law. All who will maneuver around these articles, but conduct anti-state propaganda — we also know how to maneuver,” added the Prosecutor General.

The boomerang of violence

Yuriy Lutsenko also said that before the meeting met with Oleg Mikhailik and Sergey Sternenko. Recall, Mikhailik was attacked at her home on September 22 and shot him in the chest. On Sternenko first time attacked may 1 by shooting him from a traumatic weapons. And on may 24, the activist was attacked by two men, one of whom Sternenko was stabbed to death and another seriously wounded. Now, according to Lutsenko, his case was merged with the attack on two activists of Odessa will Kuzakon and Kozma. In their car on August 2 at full speed crashed into the truck.

The attorney General told the audience that he was able to negotiate with the activists about cooperation, and shared fresh information about the investigation. So, to continue the investigation Mikhailik, law enforcement agencies need a bullet that will soon have to get out of his body the doctors. “If it was released the detainees from the found gun, then all will become clear, and we will work for the customer. If no — continue to work on implementing,” — said the head of the GPU, noting that activists often provoke violence against themselves.

“Nobody, not even the most perfect activist, has the right in its sole discretion to gather a group with bats and attack, he believes, illegal construction, lottery, pharmacy, etc. no One has the right to do that, except for authorized state bodies”, — said the Prosecutor General.

But then Yuri V. relented and admitted that activists often have no other choice, as the appeal to law enforcement agencies does not change the situation. Of course, this statement of the attorney-General could not fail to attract the attention (and wrath) of social network users.

Especially because the activist Mikhailik told a slightly different version of events.

Malicious developers

In Odessa activists often suffer in attempts to stop illegal (or questionable) construction work. Therefore, the attorney General said that the Odessa construction will stop for a month to check the documents and their legality. Such measures are connected with the latest events at the Gagarin plateau, where the titushki attacked the people protesting against the construction of multi-storey residential complex on the site of the former house of receptions in city hall.

“I asked the Governor and the Minister of internal Affairs in the framework of their powers to stop the construction and to carry out checks. Who does not have at least one permit — that will not work. The same applies to those who use illegal methods of obtaining permits and aunts. We are going to differentiate between those who build honestly and those who illegally… Check, as spending budget, quality of work, the presence of fictitious companies,” — said the Prosecutor General.

Yuriy Lutsenko also added that the police will close sports organizations and security firms that give their people for military actions in the interests of developers.

In turn, the Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov called Odessa the “capital of the criminal world of Ukraine”.

“Local politicians have whole teams of militants and activists. While these activists are beaten. If the Governor and the mayor has no power to decide this question, we will help them. The city expects a number of unpleasant tests. Will be studied a criminal scheme. Here will bring together experts from other areas, that was not dogovornyak”, — said the Minister.

Case Gandzyuk

During the meeting Yuriy Lutsenko said that the case Gandzyuk is gradually progressing. According to him, the consequence considers as the key figure in organizing attacks by the Kherson criminal authority, previously convicted Levin, who has previously been convicted along with his father for the organization of murders and assaults on drivers in the Kherson region. His father received a life sentence, and his son — 15 years. But then paroled under the law Savchenko and ran away from Ukraine, when the police detained the first suspects in the case. Lutsenko said that the police are doing everything to detain him, without specifying the details or even name a suspect.

According to the Deputy Mustafa Nayem, a new suspect — 41-year-old Alex Levine (Moskalenko). He allegedly is a member known in the field of organized crime groups and Moskal works as an assistant of the Deputy of regional Council Nikolay Stavitsky, close to the head of the regional Council Vladislav Manger. According to the Deputy, the suspect is now hiding in the Dominican Republic.

However, despite the loud statements by Lutsenko, not everyone shares his optimism. And for good reason. Thus, the lawyer Evgenia Zakrevskaya filed a request to the security service and found that in Catherine Gandzyuk still not enough number of videos, expert opinions and information about telephone calls.

In this regard, many activists remain unhappy with the investigation of the murder Kherson activists. In the group “Hto sanoviv Kate Gandzyuk?” the actions of the police and the Prosecutor’s office was referred to as sabotage. The disclosure of the identity of one of the customers is also not caused much joy.

These different activists

It is worth noting that at a press conference the attorney General said not only about the investigation of attacks on activists. There was a time to talk about the military situation, and about how Ukrainian law enforcers will now respond to riots and revolts.

“If “activists” or others will attack law enforcement during martial law, the need to allow security officials to do a warning shot and then shoot to kill,” said the attorney-General and caused another burst of indignation in social networks. In fact in February 2014, Yuriy Lutsenko was assessed by resistance to law enforcement a little differently.

The attorney General also noted that the monopoly on violence should belong to the state.

“Anyone else who doesn’t wear a uniform, did not take the oath and does not bear criminal liability for violation of the rules of violence provided by the state may not with impunity do not do against the citizens, nor even to the law enforcement agencies,” — said the Prosecutor General.