On Russian television to speak more about the US than about their own country, EU –

The working group of the European Union of disinformation went through 15 editions of political and analytical talk show


In Russia the political talk shows and in final news I prefer to talk about the situation in Ukraine, the US and Europe than about their country. This is stated in the report of the working group of the EU to overcome the misinformation European External Action Service East Stratcom Task Force, reports Voice of America.

The experts came to the conclusion that a week of watching Russian television can be a lot to learn about the events in the world, but not to obtain information about what is happening in Russia.

“Rest assured, You will tell a lot about Ukraine”, – the report says.

Experts during the week of October 13-19, reviewed 15 political and analytical talk shows (21 TV hour) on the three most popular channels: “First”, “Russia-1” and “NTV”. Of the 71 themes, 60 concerned events outside Russia.

Working group of the EU came to the conclusion that a detailed discussion of world events and repeat the same well-coordinated promises of divisions and confrontation in the international community.