KIEV. August 30. UNN. Tribal plant society “Agroprime holding” discovered the African swine fever (ASF), reports UNN , citing data from Gospodarevskaya.

“There were about 2000 pigs. Now continue quarantine measures”, – stated in the message.

It is noted that the capacity of the farms are located in the village Karakurt Bolgrad district, where there are two areas – plant breeding and commercial pig farm.

“Adormit now in the area of supervision, as is 6 km from the breeding farm”, – stated in the message.

As written by the UNN, ASF this summer was first registered in China.

Recall that in Ukraine, the ASF virus was spreading uncontrolled for the fifth consecutive year. During this time, the losses of the farmers (due to the elimination of infected flocks) has already reached more than 170 million UAH.

Only with the beginning of 2018, in Ukraine there were almost 100 cases of ASF.

According to the politician Sergey Trigubenko, struggle with Achs our country is hampered by several factors: an endless process of reform of Gospodarevskaya, the absence of the relevant Minister (agricultural policy) and the lack of competent personnel.