KIEV. May 18. UNN. Oman, a country in the middle East, ready to invest 260 million dollars. in the development of food security strategy. It is reported by the Association of houses of Ukraine, reports UNN.

It indicates that the Oman imports about 90% of consumed food in the country. These figures can be reduced by development of domestic production, says General Director of Oman Food Investment Company (OFIC) Saleh al Shanfari.

“The Gulf region is home to approximately 45 million people, but they produce only 10% of food consumed,” he explains.

One of the largest projects OFIC is the creation of a poultry farm which will be located near the town of Ivry, told the CEO of the organization.

“This is a strategic move and a major project that we intend to implement in collaboration with the company Al Saffa Poultry and financial investors. Locally, in the region, there is a steady demand for white meat, so we are developing a project to provide a sufficient amount of quality Halal white meat,” – said al Shanfari.

The project is estimated at 260 million dollars. As expected, the new farm will be commissioned in 2019.

It is also reported that 260 million dollars. will be invested in the creation of milk company, for which Oman has started import of cattle from Australia, New Zealand, North America and Europe.

Reference: Oman Food Investment Company (OFIC) is a public organization established to develop projects in the area of food security in the country.

Recall that the Ukrainian company is also concerned about food security. Therefore, the domestic business has embarked on increasing production volumes.

For example, Vinnytsia poultry farm of the agricultural holding “MHP” is the largest manufacturer of chicken meat under the brand “Nasha Ryaba”, TM “Qualiko” (export), TM “Ukranian Chiken” (export) – launches this year and the second production line. By 2020 it is expected that the production of chicken just for this poultry complex will reach 1 million tons per year.

The State fiscal service “MHP” is one of the main “breadwinners” of Ukraine and noted that it Vinnytsya region became a leader of rating of key suppliers of products of animal origin. In addition to the internal Ukrainian market “MHP” feeds and other countries. Last year the European Union has bought at “MHP” one-third of total export volume. Significant deliveries are made in Eastern countries, including consumers of Halal white meat.