Officials have expanded the state support of livestock production in 2020

KIEV. May 20. UNN. The Cabinet of Ministers expanded the directions and mechanisms of state support of livestock and processing of agricultural products in 2020. The program provides for expenses in the amount of 1 billion UAH. The decision was taken at a government meeting, the correspondent of UNN.

“The results of numerous consultations and meetings with the relevant agricultural associations, it was decided that the support will be aimed, in particular, to stabilize the livestock, the number of bee colonies and improving their genetic potential, promotion of increased livestock production and beekeeping, and to create new capacities for storage of grain,” – said the Minister of economic development, trade and agriculture Igor Petrashko.

He added that the support of beekeeping this year introduced for the first time. Encourage the development of beekeeping will increase the number of industrial apiaries, implementation of traceability of products of beekeeping, as well as to improve its quality and competitiveness on domestic and foreign markets.

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So, according to the decision support in 2020, will be provided in the following areas:

• subsidy for bee colony (will provide special fiscal subsidies for existing 520,0 thousand bee families);

• partial reimbursement of the cost of breeding animals, bees, semen and embryos (allow to recover the cost 6 400 head of heifers, 4 800 head of pigs, 450 head of sheep, 200 000 doses of reproductive material, 2 500 bees, 20 000 vehicles and 50 embryos);

• partial reimbursement of the cost of construction of livestock facilities (allow to recover the cost of 25 livestock farms and complexes, introduced in December last year and this year);

• partial reimbursement of the cost of construction of objects of storage and grain processing (to enable the creation of additional capacity relative to the simultaneous storage of grain in 500 thousand tons, a 5% increase in existing capacity);

• payment of the cost of facilities, financed by Bank loans (allow to recover the cost of livestock facilities, construction and reconstruction of which is commenced and at the expense of attracted credit resources in 2018-2019).

Also to ensure government commitments are requested to provide the recipients of state support in full size, which was defined in 2019 in accordance with the Procedure of use of funds.

As previously reported UNN, the government has provided access to state support to a greater number of farmers.