“Odessa on Donbass” released

“Their” can sometimes be no less cruel than “foreign”


November 6 at 15.00, in the capital’s cinema “planet cinema” will be held press-conference devoted to the premiere of a feature documentary film called “Odessa at the Donbass”.

The main characters of the film – Odessa, participated in the fighting in the area ATO. Dmitry Rogozin, Evgeny Titarenko, Novel Koldamasov, Eugene Lata, Andrey Skorokhod, V. Pogodin, Dmitry Vasiliev. They are all very different, and the reasons to go to the front of each – their own. As its military history.

Someone’s got a heavy moral and physical injuries. And someone even managed to find the experienced difficulties extra motivation for life and creativity. Someone is ready to return to the zone ATO and to continue the fight. And someone never to see his hometown.

Some heroes returning to civilian life, I realized that the war for them, as for the country, is not over. Because “their” can sometimes be no less cruel than “strangers”.

The film was shot in Kiev, Dnipro, Odessa and also at the forefront in the area of the ATO.

General producer of the film A. dries, head of the MOC “Fort-Post”, the asset is a series of documentary films on the military theme (this year, except for “Odessa…”, on the screens out the picture “the Crossroads of the Ball” and “Bomb faithfulness”).

Recall Groysman promised to give half a billion UAH for Ukrainian cinema.