The citizens have won two matches with a total score of 168:165.
Odessa in persistent struggle managed to reach the quarterfinals of the Cup of Ukraine on basketball

In Odessa took place the final match of 1/8 final of Cup of Ukraine on basketball, in which Odessa is lost on the Prometheus of Kamensky, but won two matches and became the last quarterfinalist of the tournament.

The match ended with the score 83:85, but the first game of the Odessa won with a score of 85:80, winning two matches with a total score of 168:165, the official website of the basketball Federation of Ukraine.

Odessa, which had a 5 points advantage before the second round of confrontation with a senior member of the League of Prometheus, confidently spent the first half. The team of Oleg Oskina keeping his opponent at a distance of 10 and more points, controlling the flow of the game.

But after the break the team from Comenius managed to get back in the game. The first bell for the hosts sounded at the end of the third quarter, when Prometheus not only has won back backlog, but went 7 points ahead.

The citizens have found the strength to regain the advantage in the final quarter, but Prometheus did not give up and spent the next powerful spurt, which brought the team from the Comenius ahead by 10 points a minute before the end of normal time.

However, the hosts found the strength to come back and save the match and the opposition in General. 28 seconds before the end of the game, when scored 2 points in the passage, and then, using the loss of Walker, from a corner scored accurate three-pointers, reducing the gap to 5 points and equalized in the overall confrontation.

The Prometheus was 13 seconds in order to snatch a place in the quarter-finals, but a bad decision in the attack from Walker, who made a quick attack, leaving Odessa 8 seconds, was the key mistake of the Americans in this game. Odessans managed to respond and made it Prokopenko, which is the same angle that a story was performed by accurate three-pointer, which saved Odessa from relegation from the Cup.

The team of Oleg Oskina lost 83:85, but in the two matches came in the quarterfinals of the Ukrainian Cup.

The Cup Of Ukraine. The 1/8 finals. The second match

Odessa, the Odessa USK

Odessa – Prometheus 83:85 (20:13, 25:22, 16:27, 22:23)

Odessa: Belikov 26 + 4 steals, Vols 12, Prokopenko 11, Helmans 8 + 6 rebounds, Pustozvonov 6 – the start, the story 14, Chalakov 4, Tkachuk 2 + 8 assists, Balaban 0, 0 Novikov

Prometheus: Walker 25 + 9 rebounds + 3 assists – 4 losses, Konate 17 + 10 rebounds + 3 blocked shots, Shakur 10 + 8 assists + 4 rebounds + 3 steals – 4 losses, Month 9, Kryvtsov 7 – start, Alferov 9, Kadygrob 6, Zagreb 2 + 4 rebounds