The game in Odessa ended with the score 88:85.
Odessans managed to beat cherkaschan for the first time in the season in the super League match / fbu.IAV Saturday Odessa took Cherkasy Mavpy in the last postponed match of the regular championship of the Superleague of Pari-Match.

The team had a very productive first quarter. Both teams attacked with a high percentage, and the game was played at a solid pace. Equal to the first quarter ended with the score 29:27 in favor of Odessa, which, as the inhabitants of the city, successfully entered the game players of lava, the official website of the competition.

In the second ten teams slowed down a little bit in attack, but the hosts managed to keep the advantage before the big break. The team of Oleg Oskina won the first half “+4”, and at Chornomorets worth noting Sheliakova, which successfully entered the game off the bench, scoring 15 points. Cherkassov in the paint worked Koukl, who brought his team to 14 points before the break.

The key stretch of the third quarter was the breakthrough of the Cherkassy Monkeys at the end of the quarter, which team Maxim Michelson has not only caught up, but took the lead before the final leg of the game. Very timely for guests were two accurate long performed by Chumakova, which added confidence to citizens in the attack.

But the last word in this match was for owners, and decided the fate of the match, as in the previous match at the last minute. In the crucial two minutes of the game the teams entered with the score tied and the final started for “+1” for the hosts after a precise free kick from Pustozvonov.

Key in the possession of Macy took the game over, but Otverchenko robbed the American, ran the fast break and failed to bring the team forward – lay-up sniper of Cherkasy was inaccurate. Macy corrected the error, and corrected! American next attack converted a three-point shot that decided the fate of this match.

Odessa has a 4 point advantage for 40 seconds before the end, the Monkeys tried to equalize, but time Champions of Ukraine in this time is not enough. Odessa kept the advantage and, conceding in the last quarter of 11 points, for the first time in the season won cherkaschan – 88:85. So the team of Oleg Oskina bypasses in the standings the team of Maxim Michelson and goes to 6th place in the standings, ahead of Cherkasy one win.

In the final week of the regular season super League Betting-Match Odessa will play on the road against Zaporozhye and Nikolaev, and the Monkey house will be taken by the Polytechnic and the Dnieper.

Super League Betting-Match. Odessa

Odessa – Cherkasy Monkeys 88:85 (29:27, 21:19, 21:28, 17:11)

Odessa: Macy 20 + 9 rebounds + 7 assists + 3 steals, Windbags 17 + 3 rebounds + 2 assists, pier 8, Helmans 7, Belikov 6 – start, Chalakov 21 + 7 rebounds, Schepkin 9, Tkachuk 0, 0 Novikov

Cherkasy Monkeys: CoCl 19 + 9 rebounds, Otverchenko 15 + 4 assists + 3 steals, Kolchenko 14 + 3 assists + 6 Lipovtsy, Boyarkin 3 – start Chumakov 10 + 4 rebounds, the nicks 7, Yang 7 + 5 assists, 6 turnovers, 4 Tkachenko, the Governor 0