Held two matches of the regular championship of a basketball.
Polytechnic – Cherkasy Mavpy / fbu.UAB Wednesday in the framework of the basketball Superleague were two meetings of the regular championship.

“Polytechnic” on your own flooring in Kharkiv without special problems has understood with the current champion of Ukraine “Cherkasy Maitami”, the official website of the FBU.

Cherkasy team won the initial faceoff and quickly opened the account: your throw was converted by his Chris Coakley. In the middle period, team Maxim Michelson reduced the gap to just two points, but in the second part of the first quarter, the game pattern changed dramatically. Very soon the Kharkiv were +12. Towards the end of the period “Monkey” is somewhat thawed, and some points played 27:18.

In the second ten the guests from Central part of Ukraine tried to reduce the deficit, but Kharkiv it only increased, and the team of Michelson could not do anything. 53:37 after half of the match.

The third quarter began with a leap from the away team, but very quickly Politekhnik again took the initiative in their own hands. In the future, the difference between the teams remained at the level of 12-15 points closer to the players from Kharkov guests were not allowed. In the final minutes of the game the team Maxim Michelson somewhat reduced the gap, but the defeat to the Champions could not be avoided. 94:85 – third victory “Polytechnic” in the last four matches.

BK Politekhnik – Bq “Cherkassk Mavpy” – 94:85 (27:18, 26:19, 20:22, 21:26)

Polytechnic: Cromer – 31оч, FP7; Graham – 15оч, 13пб; Davis 16оч.

Cherkasy Mavpy: young 19оч; Kolchenko – 15оч; Tkachenko – 11оч, 9пб.

In the other match “Odessa” won “Dnepr” at home, interrupting his series of failures.

The owners lost too much in recent fights and could not afford to capitulate to one of the favorites of the season. Guests are already with the start of the attacks has forced the owners to catch up. Odessa tried to act concentration. For the first half they were the better guests under the boards: 25 vs 17.

Due to the implementation of the “Dnepr” has secured the big break 5 points advantage. Traditionally one of the most active was Mishula – 12 points in the first half.

The resumption of the game after the break, Chornomorets made a series of successful attacks and took the lead, forcing coach guests of Denis Zhuravlev to take a timeout. But it has not helped to reverse the trend. Odessans continue going forward. Thanks to a precise triple, which made the effort vītols and Pustozvonov managed to improve the percentage of implementation. In the end, before the final 10-minute the hosts were ahead by 7 points.

Dnipro, despite being tired after the previous match in the South, fought to the last. Mishula, who with the beginning of the second half completely lost his aim, scored 11 points in a row, leaving the chances of a positive result. However the hosts were strong enough to bring the meeting to a victory.

In the end, the first victory of the team of Oleg Oskina in their last seven games.

“Odessa” – “Dnepr” – 71:65 (9:11, 18:21, 23:11, 21:22)

Odessa: vītols 18 points, 3 rebounds, 5 assists; Windbags 15o, 10пд, 3пр; Schepkin 14о; Belikov 12о, 11пд.

Dnepr: Mishula 26о, 4пд, 4-wires.