Odessa beach two days moved the emergency boat

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KIEV. April 12. UNN. With the Odessa municipal beach “Dolphin” for two days moved in the designated area in the port of Chernomorsk emergency boat “Parallel”. This was reported by the press service of the administration of seaports of Ukraine, reports UNN.

As told in the press service, the first diving team, the Odessa sea port authority has identified the nature and extent of the injuries sustained by the tow in the storm. After that, the divers have made the necessary soundings for the approach of the most powerful in Ukraine floating crane “Bogatyr” from the port of Chernomorsk. They subsequently restored the integrity of the hull, put the patches and stubs identified in the skin holes, then the ASD specialists restored the buoyancy of the emergency boats with bilge pumps.

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At the same time the whole area was fenced by oil booms in case of a threat of leakage of fuel and lubricants with an emergency vessel, and the place of the operation was constantly on duty emergency service personnel. In fact the rescue operation began with pumping water out of the waterlogged boat, after which it with a winch off the rocks closer to the breakwater, moved and secured on the deck of the floating crane “Bogatyr”, which brought him to a place of safe storage in the port of Chernomorsk.

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The operation of AMPU carried out on the eve of the holiday season in Odessa.