News from companies October 20 – Main event on Contextual advertising PPC WebPromoExperts Day

October 20 at 10:00 Academy of Internet marketing WebPromoExperts will hold a free online conference “WebPromoExperts PPC Day”, which will be dedicated to the best tool of quickly attracting on the CA site – contextual advertising.


Leading professionals from companies Google, Treeum, as a onebox, Median ads, SMM Agency Ivanovich, LivePage, WebPromо and others will analyze cases, and will give examples of the use of technology, about which they talk in the reports.

This event, first and foremost, it will be useful for:

  • Entrepreneurs and business ownerswho are looking for new ways to optimize the cost of promotion and to increase the number of sales.
  • Managers, developing new sales channels and poorly understand the potential of Internet marketing and contextual advertising.
  • Novice Internet marketerswho want to learn about efficient tools and understand how to move forward in their work.

Having knowledge with our conference you will:

  • Find fresh ideas in the case studies and the experience of other companies;
  • Get inspired and invigorated for new projects;
  • Learn how to break away from competitors. Become No. 1!;
  • Learn how the best companies and what makes them so;
  • To use the knowledge from the experts and practitioners of PPC;
  • Find out how to increase ROMI and implement valuable chips;
  • To benefit your business or career.

For all the time of the conference you will find:

  • 12 reports with practical examples, case studies and personal experiences
  • 8 hours live broadcast with the best specialists in contextual advertising
  • 1 round table discussions of important topics and answers to questions

How to get to the conference?

The event is free online, to participate you need to register. On the day of the conference, you will be sent an email reminder and link to it.

Organizers: WebPromoExperts, WebPromo

Sponsor: “As A Onebox”

Register now!

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