NSDC supported the proposal of the President of Petro Poroshenko on the need to limit the grounds for granting the citizenship of Ukraine and invited him to submit for consideration of Verkhovna Rada the bill which was also approved by the Council. This was at the end of the meeting, the press service of the NSDC.

“We are talking about limiting and more clearly defining the grounds for acquisition of citizenship of Ukraine strengthening the responsibility for violations in this sphere”, – stated in the message.

The Council supported the draft law on amendments to the law on citizenship of Ukraine and invited the President to submit it to Parliament.

NSDC also instructed the Cabinet to submit a bill on the introduction of the mechanism of preliminary check of the grounds for entry of citizens “of the States of migration risk”, including Russia. The mechanism should be used the email of the intention to visit Ukraine.

In addition, the government should take measures to improve the mechanism of coordination of the state policy in the sphere of integrated border management, control over the stay of foreigners on the territory of Ukraine and counteraction to illegal migration.

Earlier at the meeting of the NSDC Poroshenko said about the need to toughen rules of obtaining Ukrainian citizenship, that “has not got to anybody.”

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