Chess player Daniil Dubov became world champion in rapid chess in the discipline of rapid. The young athlete won four days later, after the death of his grandfather, an honorary member of the International chess Federation Eduard Dubov. Women didn’t have equal to the world champion in classical chess Ju Wenjun and Russian Ekaterina goryachkina at the last moment, snatched the bronze medal.

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On the second day of the world championship in rapid chess was particularly noticeable how different scenarios evolve tournaments rapid chess among men and women. If men fight for medals was postponed until the last rounds, then the girls in the circle of contenders for the prizes were decided very quickly.

Even in the first four rounds in the women’s competition has a sole leader is world champion in classical chess Ju Wenjun. She never allowed someone else to claim first place on the second day, gaining half a point in the confrontation with the sisters Muzychuk and a half following the meetings with compatriots tan Junyi and Zhao Xue.

While the final day advantage Ju was half a point, giving the opponent a theoretical chance to come forward. But the Chinese all expectations thwarted victory over Kateryna Lahno, who celebrated on the eve of his 29th anniversary. Rival well as to order painted draws. Ju might have no fear that the title will go to another chess player.

Ju Wenjun is the Women’s World Rapid Champion 2018! She scored 10 out of 12 undefeated. Congratulations!
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— FIDE (@FIDE_chess) December 28, 2018

However, the struggle for the rest of the coin lasted, and it could involved a Russian athlete. It was not Lagno, Valentina Gunina and not feed high hopes 14-year-old bibisara Asaubaeva. Catherine Goryachkin started the third day of competition in eighth place, but in the end managed to achieve the bronze award. 20-year-old athlete made chess the feat, winning three matches with the black pieces. If not for the loss to Ju in the tenth round, the Russian might even get around in the dispute over the Iranian silver Saraswat Hamalsaran.

In men, the dismantling of the medals were quite sluggish compared to girls in some rounds, the leaders at the meeting with each other played in a draw, whereby the position in the overall standings remained unchanged. Sometimes a peaceful outcome was recorded on the 13th or even the 11th move.


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A disturber in the second day of competition was Magnus Carlsen. The eighth of ten, where he was sent two starting defeats, he went up in the second. From the first Norwegian was separated by just a half point. However, in the group of pursuers, the world champion in classical chess was not alone — too many athletes hope to make a breakthrough at the last moment.

At the end of ten rounds, was formed by the seven leaders, which was at once five Russian athletes — Ian Nepomniachtchi, Dmitry Andreikin, Vladislav Artemyev, Maxim Matlakov and Daniil Dubov. The clear favorite of this quintet was forgetful, but barely began the third day of competition as three-time medalist of the world rapid lost white Chinese Yu Yanji. Spouse Lahno from this blow not recovered until the end of the day not won a single victory.

Yu became the first athlete, who managed to single-handedly lead the standings of the competition, but not for long. He was immediately caught up with the Oaks, which beat black his superior in personal rating of the Ukrainian Anton Korobov. In the 12th round it was the only victory by some of the leaders. After that 22-year-old Oak trees became seriously expect to finish in the top three.

It soon became clear that this young player can not be limited. Yu forgot about the victories before the end of the tournament, and in the 14th round several players were in the shadows, suddenly reminded of himself. Carlsen outplayed Andreikin who Artemyev was stronger than the representative of Israel Boris Gelfand, success the American Hikaru Nakamura, caught courage Azerbaijani Shakhriyar Mamedyarov. All of this Quartet in the final round was half points from Dubov.

The championship leader was found with Mamedyarov and quickly agreed to a draw with the black pieces. He had to wait the end of the party Nakamura against Carlsen and Artemyev Sergey Karjakin, who, thanks to an unbeaten run that began in the first round, too, still have a chance for medals. But first, in the Russian Derby was a draw, then Carlsen’t figured out how to surprise Nakamura.

Oaks was declared the world champion in rapid chess in the discipline of rapid, becoming the second after Karjakin Russian athlete who made such a success. His Oaks victory was won after a great family tragedy — December 24, died in Moscow with his grandfather, renowned chess scholar and organizer Eduard Dubov.

Russian grandmaster Daniil Dubov is the World Rapid Champion 2018! Clear first with 11 out of 15, undefeated. Congratulations!
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— FIDE (@FIDE_chess) December 28, 2018

“I’m much happier than I was an hour ago. Not that I’m totally excited, it will probably come tomorrow, as usual says it all. Now I just don’t understand what happened,” commented the victory Oaks.

On 29 and 30 December, the men and women will be held the blitz tournaments. The party will be held with even less control of time, and during the day will be played much more matches. The current world Champions in this discipline are Magnus Carlsen and Nana Dzagnidze.