Norwegian fishermen found a whale with a camera and the words “equipment of Saint-Petersburg”

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KIEV. April 29. UNN. In Norway, in the region of Finnmark, the local fishermen found a whale, a Beluga with the GoPro, with the words “equipment of Saint-Petersburg”. This was reported by NRK TV channel, reports UNN with reference to the Rain.

Fisherman Gear Hestia said that on 25 April, when he fished the Islands Inga with his father and brother, their boat came up the whale. Hestia and others on the boat first saw the whale on Thursday, but after talking with other fishermen, was that they had seen him in the same area earlier this week.

On beluche had a belt and an attached GoPro camera. The belt was very tight and managed to remove the whale the next day. According to the fisherman the whale was tame and allowed themselves to be stroked.

Scientists have suggested that the whale was able to escape from Russia. A marine biologist from the Institute of marine research Martin Biuw said that scientists tag whales in the following way. He suggested that it could be done in the naval fleet of Russia.

“We know that Russia kept domesticated whales, and some of them run away and follow our boats,” said a Professor at the University of tromsø Oydin Rickards. He added that he had spoken to Russian scientists and they said that the whale could belong to the Russian fleet in Murmansk.

As reported UNN, NATO is preparing for a Russian invasion of Norway.