Almost 400 people have been evacuated from Norwegian ferry Viking Sky, which refused one of the engines in the sea near the County of møre og County of møre og Romsdal

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Norwegian ferry, which on Saturday failed engine, evacuate passengers

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Norwegian ferry Viking Sky, which was refused one of the engines, will be brought to shore near the town of Molde with passengers on Board. This was announced Sunday at a press-conference acting head of the Norwegian commune Fran Jan Arve Dyrnes, the broadcast led to broadcaster NRK.

“The situation is such that we may be able to deliver the liner in the mold with the remaining passengers on Board. Evacuation of the ferry’s gone,” he said.

According to him, the arrival of the liner is expected at about 15:00 local time (17:00 Moscow time). Ferry now being towed towards the city of Molde, using a towing vessel and two other vessels. Evacuation of people from the ship were suspended by the decision of the captain.

All were evacuated 463 of the nearly 1.4 million, reports TASS. The evacuation was carried out by three helicopters. According to rescuers, the wind in the area of the incident has become weaker, the situation on Board, too, was calmer than the night before.

The evacuation began despite the fact that three of the four engines of the ferry at night was started and he began driving to the city of Molde. Soon came to the aid of towing vessels.

Most of the passengers of the ship – the British and Americans. The crew consists of representatives of the different countries. Three of the evacuated passengers were seriously injured, all injured and receives medical assistance 17. While not reported, what was the cause of injury.

My family and I are off the ship and in the hands of the Red Cross!

— David Hernandez (@oxman78) 24 Mar 2019

Earlier, the Russian Embassy in Norway said in Facebook that four members of the crew are Russians among passengers of the citizens of the Russian Federation no.
On Saturday at the ferry Viking Sky, EN route from tromsø to Stavanger, during the storm went out on one of the engines.

Still on board #VikingSky 15 hours on. Awaiting evacuation. Crew has been fantastic keeping everyone calm and fed. Seas are still rough with winds of 40 knots

— David Hernandez (@oxman78) 24 Mar 2019