Nikolay Kostov. Photo:

Press conference head coach Kamenskaya “Were” Nikolai Kostov.

– First of all, I want to thank my players for the victory, because it is deserved. Very glad that in these moments we show courage and full gear.

And on the game my comment is this. Such a good box, I expected that our team is well versed with the ball.

We had a good first half. Unfortunately, not scored, we had chances. In the second half, there were complications due to long passes and ball control. But once again, I congratulate my team with the victory. This is an important game for us, as for Chornomorets.

– Judging by the first half, you have a decent team. And why you got where you are?

– Don’t want to do detailed analysis from the start of the championship. Better to do it in the end. But the game really has improved. Our positional attacks are growing well, which was not in the end of the first round.

Spring “Steel” has won for three matches. Does this mean that the task is not to be among those three losers, one of which will leave the Premier League, while the other two will play the linking game?

Fight. All fighting and our team is also struggling. Score points and try to stay in the Premier League is our goal. And what happens – we’ll see.

– It turns out that “Steel” in the last month scored more points than during the whole autumn part of the championship.

– The team added, because we were collecting. And the fee we spent on the good fields. There were selected players that fit our philosophy. The team upped their game with the ball, and our positional attacks look good. Still need to improve the pressure, but it’s hard to get it right.

I think that during this period the team was well prepared, both physically and psychologically and technically. So it is not accidental that victory. I think that she absolutely deserved. As in the match with “Star” and “Chernomorets”. In Odessa and the field is nice and the stadium, and the fans that we have.

– In your composition is one of the leading players – Orest Kuzyk. What do you think, can he eventually get into the national team of Ukraine?

– It has good quality. He’s a very smart player, he distributes well its energy resources. During the game easily released from the custody at the expense of dribbling. We now use the non-fixed position, he’s not on the flank to play. He adds always. I think he has a good future. And about the team I can not speak.