Night in Kharkov burned seven vehicles

KIEV. March 19. UNN. For the last night in Kiev, Shevchenko and Osnovaniyam districts of Kharkov burned seven vehicles. It is reported by UNN citing the press-service of Management of gschs in the Kharkov area.

According to a report in 1:43, firefighters reported a fire in two cars, parked in front of a residential 9-etazhki on the street Natalie Uzhviy, 80. At the time of arrival of rescuers, burned the engine compartment and the front of the cabin of the Audi A4 and the front of the minibus Volkswagen T-4. The total fire area made 5 square meters was localized at 01:51 and eliminated at 02:25.

At 02:50 in room “101” received a report of a fire of cars parked on the inner road near the house № 85 Pobedy. When the location of the emergency profit fire-rescue calculations, the fire had covered almost the whole of the Skoda Octavia in the area of 3 sq. m. Also burned the boot of the Hyundai i30 car, which was parked nearby. The fire is localized in 3:01 and eliminated in 3:18.

Closer to morning, 4:22 received another message that in the yard of a residential 15-storey buildings in Bath lane, 1 burn 3 cars. Upon arrival, firefighters saw that the fire was almost completely engulfed the engine compartment and the cabin of the car Volkswagen Golf. From it the flames spread to the neighboring cars Subaru Forester, which burned the engine compartment and on the rear bumper of Mercedes-Benz. Total fire area was about 4 sq. m.

Using a solution of water with foam concentrate, the fire was localized at 4:47. Finally the fire has been tamed at 4:55. There were no injuries. Owing to the efficient work of rescuers nearby cars were saved from total destruction.

The press service noted that the fire was complicated due to the lack of free passage of special vehicles SSES to the fire.

The victims of these incidents, no. The causes of the fires are being investigated.

Earlier UNN reported that the fires in Ukraine this year has claimed the lives of 600 people.