The Internet raised another wave of panic about the approaching Armageddon and the invasion of deadly Nibiru.

The scientific world this was divided into two camps. Official science denies “attack” Nibiru the planet, but the conspiracy is even called the exact date of the approaching end of the world, reports “Диалог.UA”.

Experts said that on April 21 the insidious death Star will collide with the Earth and thus hasten the death of not only humanity, but all living things.

Experts said that Armageddon in 2019 predicted not only known seers and saints. Information about Apocalypse in April this year by the Mayan calendar.

Conspiracy theorists have alleged that Nibiru obscured the Sun, making our planet will be plunged into shadow, and this is what will lead to disaster for all life on Earth.

In turn, the official science strongly refutes this information, the scientists say that nothing like that is to be expected.

“Our planet has a constant charge heat, it will last for a long time,” say scientists.

Recall the nuclear hell that humanity will satisfied with Nibiru.

Add, scientists were shocked by the landing of the aliens from Nibiru before the end of the world.