Environment. Columbus. “Columbus” – “Buffalo” – 5:1. Boone JENNER attack the gates Chad JOHNSON. Photo: Reuters

COLUMBUS – BUFFALO – 5:1 (1:0, 3:0, 1:1)

Goals: Bjorkstrand – 2 (bol., Milano, Jones), 12:00 – 1:0. Jones – 2 (Dubinsky, Atkinson), 35:20 – 2:0. Foligno – 3 (Johnson), 37:38 – 3:0. Calvert – 2 (Nutibara, Murray), 38:19 – 4:0. Griffith 1 (Nolan, Larsson), 57:26 – 4:1. Anderson – 2 (Panarin, Wennberg), 59:21 – 5:1.

Goalies: Bobrovsky – Johnson.

Throws: 38 (9+18+11) – 35 (14+13+8).

Penalty: 2 – 4.

25 Oct. Columbus. “Asnload Arena”. 14 383 of the spectator.

Judging by the score, not to say that the “Blades” more than half the match looked to be on equal terms with the hosts. Paired meeting affected the team Phil Housley – while strong enough, “sabres” tried to be judicious in their zone and focus on counterattacks. The start of the season at Buffalo was not very frisky, but thought his game was a bit more than last year.

At the end of the match “Columbus” dispatch, but in the first half, it was not so rosy. “Uniforms” apparently underestimated the ability of guests to defend well, “Blades” managed to intercept the puck and didn’t allow too intensive firing of Chad Johnson.

Sergei Bobrovsky worked almost as much as Johnson, which is somewhat surprising, given the class opponent “blue Dzhekets”. But you should see how much cutting of the team and how carelessly playing in the middle area – and wonder no more. The main attacking force, “Columbus” bring as much as create, and it (again) against the “Buffalo” – the guys who a day earlier almost died in a match with “Detroit”.

Despite the almost crushing score, Tortorella probably dissatisfied with some combinations. During the match he was moving by Artemiy Panarin between the two threes, and Nick Foligno in the centre was somewhat better – it is much faster focused in the case of losses. As soon as the Russians crossed the blue line, the opponent immediately squeezed it to the side, forcing him to give the puck to cross the ball on the right flank – this often ended in an interception.

Of course, we are talking only about the first two periods, then the forces left selfless “sabres”, and the hosts got space in a strange area. Positional defense began to falter – not so quickly adjust to the opponent Kyle Okposo, covered at first by Alexander Wennberg with partners (any), and Ryan O Reilly conceded more martial arts.

A turning point was the puck Foligno late in the second period, after which the “Buffalo” you could go out for dinner. “Blades” missed the attack in stride, and puck from the skates of the captain of the “blue Dzhekets” went to the gate – and-forth motion judge did not see and “sabres” lost timeout, they still would not have helped. “Columbus”, feel the slack of the opponent, rushed to finish.

ST. LOUIS – CALGARY FLAMES – 5:2 (1:1, 2:1, 2:0)

Goals: Backlund – 3 (Tkachuk, Hamonic), 3:58 – 0:1. Stin – 1 (Sobotka, Stastny), 17:27 – 1:1. Swartz – 7 (bol., Tarasenko, Steen), 24:07 – 2:1. Pietrangelo – 4 (Bal., Schenn, Steen), 26:53 – 3:1. Backlund – 4 (Tkachuk, Frolic), 33:15 – 3:2. Stastny – 4 (Steen, Parayko), 56:28 – 4:2. Edmundson – 2 (p. V., Shan, Tarasenko), 59:16 – 5:2.

Goalies: Allen – Lek (59:09 – 59:16).

Throws: 29 (8+10+11) – 25 (12+7+6).

Penalty: 4 – 6.

25 Oct. St. Louis. “Scotrail Center”. 17 227 spectators.

Alexander Steen recently returned after injury, but has gained form and became the leader of the “St. Louis”. In the match against “calgary” Swede earned a 4 (1+3) points, and along with Edmondson and Pietrangelo was the best the “bluesmen”, which, although not the spectacular play, won their seventh win in ten matches.

Not without curiosity. Man of the match Steen, whom commentators of boredom was confused with his father, the legend “Winnipeg” – “shot” defender “calgary” Mark Giordano and while he had a limp, was given a transfer to Stastny. Eddie Lek, taking a lot after throwing the emphasis is not saved.

Anastasia ZHDANOVA, Sport-Express