At the military base of the U.S. air force “Area 51”, which is of great interest to ufologists and all sorts of conspiracy theorists have noticed the unusual animal with long limbs.

About the creature from “Area 51” written edition of the Russian Dialogue.

A strange specimen caught the eye of the resident of the city of boulder city, which is 30 June went to the war zone USA for a tour. On the stone the woman saw the creature, more reminiscent of a lizard in the growths.

The peculiarity of this animal was very long limbs that made him look like a starfish.

In social networks being aroused great interest. Fans of the theories about UFOs even suggested that it may be representative of extraterrestrial life. However, the majority agreed in opinion that it’s just a Gecko with a genetic mutation. Such things in the nature are not uncommon.

We will add that Area 51 is shrouded in a huge amount of rumors and conspiracy theories about UFOs. In the past 2019, the Americans planned assault on a mysterious military base, which would have dispelled or confirmed all the rumors. Eventually the “storm” turned into a small protest near the “Area 51”.

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Tatiana Shevchenko