Small Autonomous robotic vacuum cleaners bring many benefits to both people and Pets but are themselves still dependent on the human operator. A simple function – how to unload the collected dust and dirt, if you don’t have manipulators? In the new model of the famous Roomba is solved by using a “smart” docking station Clean Base Automatic Dirt Disposal.

Robot Roomba i7 crawling around the room and collects the garbage, and when you’re done – you enter the reception area of the docking station and connects to the garbage disposal. According to it, particles of dirt are transferred into a disposable and sealable plastic bag that is stored in a closed form. The system can accommodate up to 30 full packages and at any time to indicate how much ammo is left, how full the vault, before which date it must be cleaned, etc.

Themselves new robots Roomba i7 have an expanded memory, improved navigation and compatibility with voice assistants Google and Alexa. Now the cleaner knows the name, location and routes of movement through the rooms in 10 houses. And you can just send it to “Rumba, clean the kitchen!”, not worrying about how he would do it. Cost Roomba i7 with docking station $949, apart $699 for the Hoover and $299 for the dock and the bags of garbage will cost $5 a piece. New robots will appear in the first quarter of 2019.

Source — iRobot