Photos For a new Polish passport will depict the memorial Eaglets in Lviv

The graphic image of the Ukrainian monument was among 13 of the approved drawings for the execution of a document


In 2018, the centenary of independence in Poland will be issued a passport in the new design. In its pages, among other images, is a memorial of Eaglets in Lviv. It is reported by the European true with reference to Wyborcza.

On the pages of the new passport, according to the plan of the Polish Ministry of interior, will be displayed important for Poland historical person and motives.

In may, the Ministry created a team of experts who have developed 26 graphics drawings for the new document. 13 of them are already finalised, is among the approved images memorial Eaglets in Lviv.

13 images put to a national referendum inviting the poles to elect six of them. In the list of figures – Ostra Brama in Vilnius, ancient gate in the Gothic style.

In the voting can participate all residents of Poland. However, the voice on the website, you can pay anywhere in the world.

As noted Wyborcza, the appearance image of the Memorial Eaglets in Lviv and Lithuanian attractions could cause an outcry from Kiev and Vilnius. The publication asked for comments in the interior Ministry, not do the Ministry that the appearance of motifs towns located outside of present-day Poland may lead to tensions between countries.

The press service of the interior Ministry has promised to provide a lengthy response in the coming days.

The chapel in the cemetery of Eaglets in Lviv – the second left picture in top row