The President of the FFU Andrew Pavelko “gave” the Champions League trophy his daughter Lisa Chaus.

The corresponding photo published in one of the Facebook pages.

“When the budget of the Federation of football consider his own pocket, then why not to consider the Champions League Cup toy for your favorite little girl?”, the author writes of publication.

Also, if you look in the Cup reflected Catherine Chaus, civil wife of the head of the football Federation.

“And while every player, especially a football fan (did you see the huge queues and the amount of security in the shopping center “Gulliver”, standing there for a photo…), only can dream to touch the coveted Cup, kids, if not money, rich parents can play with the Cup as usual with a toy. Mr. Pavelko nothing is sacred: neither the country, nor in football,” said the author.

According to the source, the photo was taken in a luxury Range Rover of Mrs. Chaus.

“I think that it is difficult to imagine a more eloquent slap in the face to NABOO, F. C Real Madrid and Liverpool FC at the same time”, – he concluded.