Netflix has allocated a record budget spy Thriller with Gosling and Evans

KIEV. July 18. UNN. Netflix announced work on his most expensive film at the moment – a spy Thriller for $ 200 million under the name “the Grey man” (The Gray Man) with Ryan Gosling in the role of killer/former spy and Chris Evans in the role of CIA agent tasked to hunt him down. This writes to Deadline, reports UNN.

The film is based on a series of books by Mark Greene’s “the Grey man” on the Court gentry (aka “the Grey man”), which is a killer, a former CIA operative and “a legend in the secret world.”

Reiseroute the film, Joe and Anthony Russo – it will be their first film since “the Avengers: Finale” (Avengers: Endgame), the most profitable film ever created. The intention in respect of the “Gray man” is to create a new franchise with a zoom level of “James bond”.

The brothers Russo are considering to start the project early January in Los Angeles, locations abroad have yet to be defined.

Recall, Netflix bought the rights to the adaptation of the new novel by Stephen king.