Arranged for hell to elderly would-be son could face 2 years in prison.

In the city of Chuguev 44-year-old son systematically mocks elderly parents. 67-year-old pensioner living with the heir in the same apartment. The drinker, which in the family scandals. During COP would-be son covers the retirees of swear words, demeaning and forces the elderly to leave home.

This informs Netpolice.

Police have repeatedly made the tyrant a Protocol for domestic violence. And recently against abuser the elderly the police began criminal proceedings according to article 126-1 (domestic violence) of the criminal code of Ukraine. July 14, the offender is reported about suspicion in Commission of the specified crime.

44-year-old tyrant threatens till 2 years of imprisonment.

Police are urging people not to ignore the facts of domestic violence, in particular, humiliation, beatings, psychological pressure from the abuser and immediately go on the specialline “102”.

We will remind, the daughter of the assumption Tatiana gave a controversial interview about the mother-tyrant. Then the girl had on my knees to beg forgiveness from the mother.

See also: in Zaporozhye region residents originally were able to punish the criminals robbed the old man. “Little green men” with a sign “we steal from retirees” became known to the whole yakymivs’kyi district.

Alena Doroshenko