The video, which talked about children, still not found, but are looking for.
The scene of the crime / Factin the Kharkiv region in the village of Pisochyn residents shocked by the story of the rape of a little boy.

According to local police, this story happened back in late February, but it has become aware of only in April, writes “Obozrevatel”.

Local mums tell us that children started coming home from school and ask my parents what rape is. Gradually it became clear that in their institution, and three teenagers – two students in 8th grade and one 9th grader – they say he abused a 6-year old child. Got it all on video and even offered to sell for 50 UAH comers.

It all happened near a Playground in the village.

“There’s an abandoned pharmacy. It seems these three guys invited a young boy and his brother from the 4th grade to play hide and seek with them. When the children went into an abandoned room, they began to stick, the elder brother pushed and stayed there with the younger. The 6-year-old boy is lagging behind in development, his speech problems, hard to understand what he says. And they are from a large family. Then the elder brother somehow managed to open the door and took the child”, – told one of the local residents.

Later my mom accidentally found out about the incident and wrote a statement to the police.

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There has opened proceedings under part 4 of article 152 UK of Ukraine (rape of a child). Guilty threatens from 8 till 15 years of imprisonment. However, the police still leaning that it was an attempt of abuse.

“It was attempted rape. The police found out that it happened in late February. Here is a video which talked about children, still not found, but are looking for. The mother refused to undergo forensic examination, but a simple check of the sign of rape was not detected. These teenagers interviewed”, – said the press service of the police in Kharkiv region.

Now the village atmosphere is quite tense, teenagers do not go to school.

“One does not live in our village, and in Kharkov, his deaf-mute mother. And two live with us. Now the locals, of course, these families do not give passage, the village is full of rumors, the story acquires different details. The parents of these children are shocked and do not believe in what happened, but are depressed. And the injured boy is afraid to leave the house on the street”, – said the expert on Affairs of children and young people of the local village Council Valentina Charushnikova.

Now in the village Council prepare materials on these guys for district attorney’s office.

The school said that the police came to him just after recess, April 4. And after the suspects Teens to study has not come out. For them, the organized distance learning.

“These guys have been at us on the intraschool account. Of interest in studies, they have shown that they were not interested,” – said the Director Oksana Casino.

According to her, all three of them from relatively affluent families.

“Yes, one boy brought up in a family where there are disabled. The other lives with her mother and grandmother, and the third is my mom and dad. They all work, not much time they have on the education of children”, – said the Director.

The school also videos of rape no one has seen, although he’s talked about.

“We talked to the children, asked who at least watched this video, but no one confessed. Whether it exists really or guys flaunt – it has been already investigated by the police. If the video was, even if the kids destroyed it, the police still find him”, – assured the Director.

The parents of the injured boy wrote a statement in which it forbade to spread about their family any information.

Earlier media reported that in the Kharkiv region, two eighth graders and one ninth grade student was raped 6-year-old boy from a large family that has birth defects.