The territory of the port of Odessa went Navy ships accompanied by several pairs of the black sea dolphins-avalino.

Monday, April 1,
at the seaport of the city-hero of Odessa included two NATO ships, a Spanish frigate F81
Santa Maria and canadian FHH333 Toronto. Information provides publishing
“Duma,” reports “Диалог.UA”.

the frigate moored in Odessa after he carried out patrols in
the Black sea together with other ships in the second constant
naval group of NATO for several days.

It is known that
today the court will open its doors to visitors: canadian – from one o’clock to five
PM and Spanish from four days to seven o’clock in the evening.

The ships will leave naval
the port of Odessa on Wednesday, April 3. Then the frigates will participate in the exercises of type
Together PASSEX with the ships of naval forces of Ukraine.

Also drawn
attention to the fact that the NATO ships in port, decided to have a look and several pairs of
black sea dolphins. They were accompanied by the frigates.

We will remind, the ships, Putin was accompanied by a striking force NATO.