NATO made an unpleasant surprise to the Kremlin, Macierewicz

The head of the Polish defense Ministry did not rule out that Russia may be planning a war


Russian President Vladimir Putin wants to recreate the Empire with Ukraine in the composition and is even ready for the war, but he made a big mistake and, apparently, has lost Ukraine forever. This was stated by the Minister of national defence of Poland Anthony Macierewicz in an interview with us, reports UKRINFORM.

“Putin understands that a great Empire is impossible without Ukraine. However, he made a big mistake: thanks to Putin, now us troops close to the Ukrainian border and, apparently, has lost Kiev”, – said Macierewicz.

He stressed that the Russians are ready for war, therefore, NATO must also be prepared.

“We’re late, and that’s the problem. However, things are going in the right direction, and NATO is now demonstrating the ability to adapt to the decisions of the Warsaw summit in 2016. I think it’s an unpleasant surprise to the Kremlin, they didn’t count on that,” said Macierewicz.

The Minister of defence of Poland does not rule out that Russia may plan war, but the first steps can be in Ukraine.

Possible he called the possibility that Russia may try to distract US, fueling tension in the far East and creating favorable conditions for aggression in Europe. Macierewicz noticed that Russia always help the enemies of the United States, establishing deep connections with North Korea, Iran is supporting and intervening in the conflicts in Afghanistan and Syria.