Nastasya GENERALOVA won the podium of the sports Palace. Photo of Paul KUBANOVA, “SE”



If the Kiev stage “Grand Prix” was awarded the prize for originality, his owner certainly was a 17-year-old Nastasya Generalova of Los Angeles. Note that American style her surname is Russian by birth mother pronounced Generalova.

Nastasya, or just Beyonce, has not won in the Ukrainian capital awards: sixth strongest in the competition and made it to three of the final four (except for the tape) all finished fifth. But the Ukrainian public is bright, with its unique style, American gymnast definitely remember.

“Beyonce is well said in Russian,” the kindly warned the correspondent “SE” before you call your mentee to interview, Tatyana Itkina (Lviv coach for many years working in the USA). At first the young gymnast was a little embarrassed, so had to start a conversation in English. But soon the element of hesitation passed, and she started chattering in Russian as if my whole life just for him and talked, and only occasionally thinking, added English so.

– I am honored to speak at “Deriugina Cup”. – with sincere enthusiasm says Nastasya Generalova. Ukraine is a Motherland of rhythmic gymnastics, she has given the world so many stars. So for me it was very exciting to come to a carpet in Kiev. And very nice that our fans have supported me.

– The whole world knows what it means to be a successful sports Gennadii in the United States? And what does art? How popular you and the other representatives of your sport included in his country, say, in the Top 5?

– On the street to me for autographs not fit but my face is recognizable in gymnastic circles. Of course, the popularity of rhythmic gymnastics with the sport can not be compared. But we are not standing still. Try to move it forward, especially it is good to do linking activities with elements of the show at various entertainment events. And in the international arena, American women are getting better and better, it also increases the interest in rhythmic gymnastics in the United States.

– Now you have the opportunity to assess the level of organization of the biggest tournament in rhythmic gymnastics in Ukraine. And how are the competitions in the USA? Take for example, the national championship.

– The fact that we have a national championship brings together several types: in parallel with the artistic gymnastics are also competitions in trampoline, tumbling and double mini-tramp. Otherwise, it’s very similar. A large hall, a lot of viewers.

– What if I asked you to give your own definition of the Ukrainian school of gymnastics, which distinguishes it from other representatives in your opinion?

– I love Ukrainian gymnastics and admire the Deryugin school. I like everything, starting from the body and to the emotional flow. How Ukrainian women know how to present themselves – it’s art, why they are so loved all over the world. I think even if the suit flag, I still know that on the carpet, the athlete from Ukraine. Because you have a particular style. You know, I’d like at least one day to be as beautiful as Ukrainian gymnasts.

– As far as I know, Irina Deriugina every year attends competitions in the United States.

– Yes, but they are not in the room where I train. But we still always see each other and communicate with Irina. I think she loves me, and of course it’s mutual!

– Maybe we and your exercise should look more closely and to look for elements of the Ukrainian school, because you work with our coaches, as far as I know?

– Yes, I train in the club “California Rhythms” and there I work with Tatyana Itkina Irina, Gurenko and Natasha Smith. They are all from Ukraine.

– Have you ever worked with American coaches?

– Oddly enough… no! In the US, all the coaches are either Ukrainian or Russian, well, else Bulgarian Dating. Only the main man (as you Deryugin Russia or Wiener), an American, her name is Caroline hunt.

– That is useless you ask what training the American trainers is different from training in Ukrainian?

– Why, I can answer. As far as I know gymnasts in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus train twice a day, and we are one. In America, a very important school. Therefore, artistic gymnastics we are doing only after the end of the lesson. I have one workout a day that starts in three hours, while your gymnasts two in the morning and evening with a small break for lunch. Of course, training in this mode, you can achieve more.

– Beyonce, tell us about your family? To whom do we owe the fact that you can so easily speak American gymnast in Russian?

– My mother is Russian, born and raised in Moscow. Dad is American, but I can be a once in a lifetime see, we don’t communicate. I have not once been in Russia. I have grandparents (they live on… Preobrazhenskaya Ploshchad in Moscow), and all of the relatives. In America, we with the mother alone, no brother, no sister I have. At home we speak mostly in Russian. Mom the most important person in my life and my biggest support. She has to work very hard so I could do gymnastics, so I try to perform as best as possible for her, for yourself, for the country.

– Why your mother decided to give it a gymnast? She by chance it has nothing to do?

– My mother too in the childhood was engaged in gymnastics, not art, and sports. And was even in the national team of Moscow. But when she was thirteen years old, my grandmother took it from there. I was afraid because there was some terrible incident with a famous gymnast that broke my back. Then my mother moved to… where running (the athlete is thinking, – Approx..With.), in athletics, here. But dad, we don’t communicate, as I have already said, but I know he played American football, and generally very sporty. I was a child, worked a lot, went swimming and ballet, but stopped in the end to rhythmic gymnastics because she makes the female body beautiful, and there is no such terrible injuries as sports.

– You said that mom has to work to pay your sessions for artistic gymnastics. But judging from what you took at the last US championship in the all-around fifth place, you enter the elite of this sport at home? You can not financially help?

You know, I whole of last season went very well, the last competition was the USA championship. And there I was, as I say, in General, not awesome made. But that’s OK, everyone understands that one start is not an indicator. You asked about how things are going with the money? Last season, for example, we paid only for the first number, which appeared at the Olympics (Laura Zeng was held in Rio 11-e a place, having repeated thereby the best result of the American “artists” in the history of the Games – Approx..With.). I do not know how in Ukraine, but I’ve heard that in Russia all the girls from the team are training on the same basis. Where I live, and they pay for everything. In America quite different, with rare exceptions, even the competition at their own expense. And if you can’t pay, then do not go. I think it’s unfair.

– What are your future plans or maybe you have already decided on the goals for the entire Olympic cycle?

– Yes, I want to be the first black gymnast from America and not only (in the world), which will perform at the Olympics. I will be able to get into books. (Laughs). At least I have not seen any gymnasts of high class with dark skin. I want to make as many girls of my color, went to gymnastics. Believe me, we also have the data for this sport, we get, good at dancing. Maybe we’re not the most flexible, but it can work.

Three of the four exercises you have a very dynamic, and you must confess that you look very organic. And some lyrical images to try tried?

– I can under music to perform but fast I do much better. Because inside I am fire. This year is the first time I put a program on African motifs, and before that I was and classic, but also a quick (violin). I also tried to do fast movements to slow music, is also very interesting turns. I am very pleased that you pointed out this feature of my programs, I just strive to be remembered with this filing. Want this to be considered my style.

In America, you know, not only as a gymnast, you also starred in the video for the song Taylor swift “Shake it off” took part in the show “America’s Got Talent”. What’s more exciting to go in front of the judges on the carpet or on the stage?

– Just on the carpet! Because in the show no one knows how many turns you need to do, it is very important to please the audience. And this is what I love the most – that is, to make people to feel good, and I did! The show was very cool energy and for me I friendly treated. And in competitions we have to focus, because you represent the country.

– And the last question, imagine that you have two hours and you can spend them with any known gymnast as a personal trainer. Who choose?

– And you can choose among those who have already retired, right? Then, of course, is Anna Bessonova. It’s my favorite gymnast! I have a picture with her, where I ten. And just a couple of months ago, she came back to us in America. I have her again photographed. She is very beautiful and elegant, and which she jumps! No one could and could not better. Plus she had awesome curves, it is eight in the attitude twisted. Bessonova is my favorite gymnast in the world and forever.

Anna SAVCHIK, Sport-Express in Ukraine