Photo NASA showed a photo from space: Black sea becomes turquoise

Change the color of the sea explain the increase in water abundance of phytoplankton


May 29, scientists from NASA has received new satellite images taken by satellite Aqua Satellite using its Moderate Resolution Imaging spectrograph Spectroradiometer. But the photo shows that the Black sea is now turquoise color. It is reported by the 112 Ukraine with reference to the Daily Mail.

“NASA’s Aqua Satellite got a stunning image of the Black sea from space, which shows as cyan divorces dominate among the usually dark-blue water”, – stated in the message.

Scientists say that the images show that the Black sea, the dark sea in the world, change your color. In some places instead of the dark blue experts saw the turquoise midst of these bright spots off the coast of Romania, Bulgaria and Ukraine.

According to scientists, this is due to the powerful sea currents that brought in the Black sea a huge amount of phytoplankton, namely, single-celled planktonic algae coccolithophorids. These microorganisms and caused changes in the color of water.

Photo: NASA