Another space Observatory NASA called JWST (“James Webb Space Telescope”) for more than a year undergo the strict testing before sending it to the mission. Just space telescope passed the last test at the Space center NASA them. Johnson in Houston, where he is 9 months were placed in a giant cryogenic vacuum chamber to simulate the real environment of open space.

In the video you can see how carefully the participants in the study belong to the JWST. The telescope consists of 18 hexagonal gold plated mirrors that make up the primary mirror. While in space, the telescope will capture light the most distant objects in the Universe – young stars and galaxies.

It is therefore understandable that attention which provide the participants of the experiments maintenance JWST: every careless movement near it can lead to irreparable consequences. The essence of the tests conducted is that a fully opened space 12–meter telescope is placed in a cryogenic chamber, where the temperature of -240 °C.

After completion of the tests in Houston JWST will be handed over to the contractor to Northrop Grumman for additional testing in space. In addition, JWST will be attached to additional devices that contribute to the accomplishment of his mission. Fully JWST will be ready for launch from the spaceport in French Guiana in 2019.

Source — NASA