Scientists are just people and love to joke around, but this news from a different category. NASA has published a collection of authentic, raw noise of near and far space, to demonstrate the greatness of the Universe with the little-known side. We’re accustomed to see only colorful images of space objects and the acoustics of interstellar space left for us to do something exotic.

Contrary to popular belief, sound in the vacuum of space there, but you need to be in the right place to hear him. Did the spacecraft Voyager, Juno, Cassini, and others. Their creators did not expect that the universe would sound so gloomy, but that is what it is – Halloween has become a convenient pretext for the presentation of these records.

One of the tracks was recorded by the tool “Waves” on Board the Juno 24 June 2016. The device passed through the so-called “impact zone” of Jupiter, where the solar wind collides with the powerful magnetic field of the gas giant. And this creates the eerie sound, the panting of a pseudo creature.

With him echoes Track No. 12 – the rhythmic hissing of the plasma in the upper atmosphere of the Earth, in the region of the poles. Cassini was able to record overlapping echo signals reflected from the surface of Titan, which sound like the soundtrack for the new blockbuster of the franchise “Aliens”. Listen to all 22 songs available for free on the SoundCloud website.Source — NASA