NASA has released a video about our Sun. 10 full years of observations of the star have joined in a mesmerizing 61-minute film. Images provided by the solar dynamics Observatory, which in the decade up to June almost continuously on duty over our sun in geosynchronous Earth orbit.

The solar dynamics Observatory (SDO) was opened in February 2010 with the purpose of studying solar processes and space weather can affect life on Earth. For this she was equipped with advanced scientific instruments that can monitor the magnetic field of stars and watch the flow of the stellar wind flowing throughout the Solar system.

Within 10 years of tireless probe took pictures of the Sun, on average, every 0.75 seconds, before accumulated an impressive 425 million images of our star. For the compilation of the video NASA scientists have taken one image from each hour of shooting.

In the first half of the film is clearly visible activity in the solar corona. But then the star starts to calm down and become more stable. It’s all part of a natural 11-year solar cycle, during which it passes the peak activity, called solar maximum, and the lull of solar minimum.

Source — NASA