Last year the profit of the Russian automobile plant has decreased 111 times, compared with 2017 year.

Net profit of the Russian company-manufacturer
diesel trucks “KAMAZ” in the past year amounted to only
27,179 million rubles. This is evidenced by accounts on the website of the company, reports “Диалог.UA”.

So, in 2017, the plant has been enriched by 30,016
billion rubles, but after the year basic earnings per share fell to 4 cents
against past 4,27.

The report says that the company can become
unprofitable due to the decline in demand for commercial vehicles, which occurs on the background of the rapid growth of the domestic and world economies.

In addition, “KAMAZ” lags behind in
technological development and does not meet the requirements of consumers in
changes to the lineup. Also, the plant suffers because of the intensified competition and
obstruction of exports due to high tariffs.

Earlier, three thousand Russians remained without work on
Ural plant of Roscosmos due to lack of orders.

Recall, Ford closes two plants in the Russian Federation.

Also, the Russian plant at Komsomolsk-on-Amur destroyed by the explosion.