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Today, April 2, the cost of bitcoin has reached its highest level in four months: the price of around an hour managed to test the level of $5 thousand, according to Business Information Network.

While the reasons for such a sharp increase in the value of bitcoin is not known. Experts do not exclude that one or a group of large investors made large-scale purchases of the cryptocurrency, which led to a jump in the prices and hype in the market.

According to the website CoinMarketCap, in the morning, the bitcoin price rose by 16.68% to $4817. In particular, the largest by volume cryptocurrency exchange Binance bitcoin grew in price by 15.94% to $4793. Market capitalization is the first cryptocurrency was $83,89 billion Now bitcoin is quoted at $4778,86 per coin.

Ethereum (ether) rose in price during the day by 11.39%. A market capitalization of $16,71 billion the Cost of one token ETH — $158,46.

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The price of cryptocurrency EOS has grown for the last day of 12.01%. Market cap is $4.25 billion At the time of publication EOS was quoted at $4,70 per coin.

The price of cryptocurrency Litecoin, which has recently reached historic highs, rose for the day 16.6%, as of 16:40, the price LTC was $70,85. The market capitalization of $4.33 billion

Recall, on 12 March, the bitcoin exchange rate has edged lower under pressure from negative external background. Experts believe that the main negative influence on the dynamics of bitcoin, a message about the arrest of another Creator of the crypto-pyramid OneCoin Konstantin Ignatov, who was arrested in the U.S. on suspicion of organizing a fraudulent scheme, which affected about three million investors.