Mykola Morozyuk. Photo:

Defender and captain of “Dynamo” commented Mykola Morozyuk home match against “Mariupol”.

We spoke with the guys all agreed that today was a tough field.

Don’t know why, but the majority felt not fresh, so things were very difficult. Even after the game don’t feel emotions – no special joy.

– Affected by busy schedule?

– Yes, we often games, and the results were not always good – it also affects. But now we are moving in the right direction, achieve victories.

– However, where she found the strength to defeat “Mariupol” with a crushing score of 5:1?

– And we have nowhere to go. We are just doing their job, wanted to please the fans, because it was the last home League game before the winter break. The fight took place in terrible weather, so we would like to thank those fans who came to support the team.

I think it is a fair result. The rivals didn’t surprise me, quite the contrary – we expected more from the guests. But most importantly, we won, which sought to.

– Why you failed to score when he went one on one with Khudzhamov?

In that moment the referee signalled for offside, I saw it, heard the whistle and stopped.

– It is necessary to hope that during a match against Partizan weather will be better?

– Of course, it affects attendance, but I think the most devoted fans should come and support us because this will be the last home game this year and very important because we are fighting for first place in the group, and this fight will be a lot to deal with. I want to encourage all to come and support us despite the weather conditions.