Mykola Morozyuk. Photo:

Defender of Kiev “Dynamo” Nikolay Morozyuk has shared expectations from the match with Shakhtar.

– We are now recovering from the last match against “young boys”. The main thing is to recuperate both physically and psychologically.

Spirits, Shakhtar, we further motivate and do not need to configure.

Everyone understands that it’s for the opponent, and that game. We still have one more day to rest and prepare. Work as usual.

You on the workouts additionally work out their signature kicks before the match with Shakhtar?

– Haven’t had time (smiles), maybe today will succeed if the coaches will give at this time…

– Shakhtar have already dismantled? What drew the attention of the coaching staff?

– Just gonna do this in a theory session. In addition, do watch a lot of matches. I think the coach will tell us more details how to play and what to do in a given situation.

– In the home match should be easier than on the road?

– These matches are always unpredictable, as does the football. That tomorrow will be a strong opponent, and the game is heavy – more than sure. Of course, everyone wants to win. We will fight for this victory, and, God forbid, we get the three points.

– What for you as a pupil for the Dynamo match against Shakhtar?

– Each match as last. This opponent is very important. No matter there is power or not, but you have to get all internal resources to the outside, and leave on the football field the last thing you have to win, which we are all delusional. Actually, this is what you go out on the football field. In this situation, “the miner” – a rival who makes you angry the most.

– In recent matches Dynamo were forced to use different combinations of protection. What do you think about these changes?

– Probably, not only in defence, and generally whenever the players change, they are not as perfectly attuned to each other. This is not normal, but we work in different combinations in training and in games. The situation is what it is, and until Sunday will not change. So the main thing is for everyone to show their best on the field and good at doing their job.