California knife maker Joe Caswell introduced the second generation of its products Morphing Karambit. This knife from the category of “karambit” with original folding mechanism. In place of the principle of compression in the first version of the knife came in a set of hinges, and it looks impressive.

Kerambitan called knives characteristic of the design of the handle is necessary to keep the reverse grip, threading the thumb or the index finger in the ring hole at the tip, the blade itself is short, strong curved and is directed from the owner. Initially they served imitation tiger claw, today popular because of the exotic shape and small size, convenient for concealed carry. But there is a problem with the model karambit folding mechanism in the first place is dangerous for the fingers of the owner.

Karambit Morphing in the second-generation inventor fixed the blade on a system of hinges. If you press your thumb on the special emphasis the blade slides forward and down, advancing the entire length in one motion. Ago to put a little longer, but it is important that the standard grip is no risk of contact of fingers and sharp steel.

The new design is simpler and more durable continue to, there are only five parts and a titanium clip for wearing on a belt. The blade sizes of 6.35×0,53 cm knife weight 170 grams. The price tag on the company of raising funds through Kickstarter for $450, and later the knife will sell for $650.

Source — Caswell Knives