At least 92 people died due to severe fatigue during the counting of votes after the General elections in Indonesia

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At least 92 people died due to severe fatigue during the counting of votes after the General elections in Indonesia. This was reported by Agency Antara with reference to the Chairman of the Central election Commission (CEC) of the country Arif Budiman.

According to him, another 374 people have complained of health problems due to excessive fatigue after the counting of votes, which lasted during the day. One of the victims was the head of the polling station of the village, Adado Mall in the province of Maluku, he died during a plenary session summarizing the election in his region.

Members of the electoral Committee intend to meet with officials of the Ministry of Finance to discuss financial compensation in case of death and illness that are not covered by insurance. The Commission put forward a proposal to invite the relatives of the deceased 30-36 million rupees (slightly more than 2 thousand USD), about 30 million rupees – patients and a maximum of 16 million rupees to those injured.

Last April 17 elections were the largest in the world. In addition to the President of Indonesia, chose the deputies of the two chambers of Parliament, local lawmakers. In total, they have participated in almost 240 thousand candidates that applied for 20 thousand seats. Turnout reached nearly 80% of the 193 million people eligible to vote. Across the country were opened more than 813 thousand polling stations.

Election officials were overwhelmed by the tasks associated with voter service and completion of the counting of votes, the only interruption was lunch, while Muslims do the prayer breaks. In General, election Commission staff worked without interruption for nearly 48 hours because they had to prepare for logistical support and funds for the electoral process the day before the vote.

Opposition candidate and former army General Prabowo, Subianto declared himself President of Indonesia until 2024, explaining that his tandem with the candidate in Vice-presidents Sandiaga UNO scored 62% of the vote. He also stated that he had evidence of falsification on the part of the opponent, the incumbent President of Indonesia Joko Widodo. The official vote count will end may 22.