Model imane Fadil was not poisoned by radioactive substances – mediaPhoto: Facebook / Imane Fadil

Analysis of tissues of the deceased showed no traces of poisoning

22.03.19 42800

Traces of radioactive substances into the body of Iman Fadil, who was a witness at the trials against former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi was not detected.

This writes Ansa, citing preliminary data from studies of tissues of the liver and kidneys of the deceased.

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As previously reported by the Focus:

  • 16 March it was reported that tests showed a high concentration in the blood of Iman Fadil of cadmium and antimony, and also confirmed the initial data of the detection of radioactive substances.
  • The court in Malaysia dismissed the charges against the citizen of Indonesia Siti Aisha, which was charged with the murder of the brother of the leader of the DPRK Kim Jong-Nam.