Militants blew up a bridge to the Gold in the Luhansk region

The bridge was destroyed, not completely, but is in poor condition


Militants partially blew up a bridge near the village of Golden (Luhansk region). Reported about it in Facebook the Deputy head of the Luhansk regional military-civil administration Yury Klimenko.

“In the Luhansk region a terrorist attack. In particular, 22.03.17 approximately 21:30, a separatist sabotage group had partially destroyed the bridge that connects the gold 4 and gold 5 (between the shaft and the birthplace of the Free farm),” – said Klimenko.

He noted that the bridge is in disrepair, road transportation is limited. Distance from the PKK, “homeland of mine” – about 800 m.

According to Klimenko, the police classified the crime as a terrorist attack, carried out quickly-investigative actions.