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Microsoft has released an update for Windows 7 that provides that extended technical support for this operating system will end on January 14 2020, reports Engadget.

With the paid upgrade for business users will continue for another three years. As notes the edition, we remind you about the upcoming termination of extended support for Windows 7, Microsoft is planning to quickly translate more users on Windows 10.

The first such alert reminder came on the page www.microsoft.com/windows7 describe the benefits of Windows 10, and options PC based on it.

Free mainstream support of Windows 7 stopped on 13 January 2015, then the company stopped making functional updates to the OS. On July 29, Microsoft on Wednesday began sales of the Windows operating system 10.

In the near future the majority of PC users running Windows 7 will be informed about the imminent termination of service seventh model, however, it is unknown how many of them then go to Windows 10 — this question has no answer.

Windows 7 was launched in 2009, and despite its age, is still very popular. In particular, over the 15 months since the start of sales of Microsoft Windows 8 sold over 200 million copies, while in the first year of sales of Windows 7 sold 240 million copies. It is also worth noting that Windows 10 is only in the past month for the first time bypassed “seven” on the prevalence, now Windows still accounts for about 40% of the PC market.

Recall, Microsoft is developing a new browser based on the Chromium platform from