Metropolitan Onufriy / poverty and adversity directs man to God.

This was said by his Beatitude Metropolitan Onufry during a Sunday sermon at the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, according to Information-enlightenment Department of the UOC.

The Primate explained the Gospel account of the miracle of healing the Savior of the bleeding women and resurrection of Jairus’s daughter (LK. 8: 40-56) and stressed that every person, like the ruler of the synagogue, Jairus, carries on the ground your spiritual cross. “The cross is given to man for spiritual perfection,” added the Bishop.

Cross Jair, as recalled by the Archbishop, — serious illness of his beloved daughter, and that sickness brought him closer to God. According to his Beatitude Metropolitan Onufry, spiritual crosses that people carry mainly consist of sorrows and disease, poverty, and trouble, and only sometimes crosses riches and health.

“When people hear these words, I think: “That would be good me health and wealth, I’d be happy!”. In fact, the crosses of illness and sorrow tend to encourage the person to God. And the cross of wealth and health, prosperity tends to alienate man from God. Poverty pushes a man to God, wealth is from God,” said Metropolitan Christopher.

Therefore, the person who bears the cross of wealth and health, have even more to pray and humble ourselves before God. “Then this cross will bring saving fruit of spiritual perfection. Otherwise the cross will break and the person will not bring any benefit. Of those who bear the cross of wealth and health, not many people manage it,” explained His Beatitude.

Because as I said the Primate, we should be grateful to God for your cross and not to envy each other.