The three entered Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar.
Lionel Messi – highest paid player in the world / REUTERS

Striker “Barcelona” Lionel Messi became the highest-paid player in the world in the season-2018/19 according to the version of France Football. This is the website of the French edition.

The rating took into account salary, bonuses and other income of players.

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Messi earns more than 7 million euros per month and his total income is 130 million a year. Forward “Juventus” Cristiano Ronaldo earns 113 million. At Juventus he gains 10 millions of euros per year more than in the “Real world”. Closes the top three PSG forward Neymar with an income of 91.5 million euros.

In the top-5 also includes Antoine Griezmann (club atlético de Madrid, 44 million) and Gareth bale (real Madrid 40.2 million).

The France Football will publish the 2nd of April.

Get French Football News clarifies that the amounts are before taxes.