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Chancellor resigned as head of the party

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel today, December 7, officially declared the resignation of the head of the party “Christian democratic Union” (CDU).

At the 31st Congress of the party in Hamburg, she made a farewell speech, reports Deutsche Welle.

She recalled that he became leader of the CDU in 2000 amid a scandal around the funding sources of the party.

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For 18 years the party has become better, but she can’t live in the past, you need to count on the future, Merkel explained the reason for his departure.

The most difficult problem for the party and for the country in recent years has been the migration crisis, Merkel acknowledged. She still believes that the policy of admission of migrants is correct, the internal differences, according to her, was inevitable.

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Merkel said that “not born Chancellor or the head of the party” and always knew that this post will have to leave.

She thanked the party members for the joint work, and then was awarded almost a ten-minute standing ovation.

Note, 29 October the Chancellor said that he will retire as head of the “Christian democratic Union”, but will remain Chancellor of Germany until 2021.